Corporate Social Responsibility

Rutledge Omni Services believe that it is our corporate duty to be a part of the solution in the communities we live in. Our desire is to make a difference in other people’s quality of life by reaching out to those in need.

Our determination arises from a grateful attitude for the business rewards we enjoy. We are committed to share some of our gains to care for the disadvantaged. We therefore aim to identify local and overseas benevolent causes to contribute with funds to support community initiatives, and where relevant, offer our staff the opportunity to contribute with their time.

Through our responsible contributions, we aspire to spread a culture of giving and the realisation of our interdependence with the societies we live in.

Rutledge strongly believes that it must give back to the society at large, and especially in the territories from which we earn revenue. Since 1999, the company has actively participated at a corporate level in various forms of giving.

Through with the company, every employee of Rutledge is also a giver.

Some of our social outreach participations are.


• Rehabilitating women who had decided to leave the red light district and giving them training in other skills (Bangkok)
• Supporting the work in homes for disabled children and children with HIV (Chiang Mai)

Vietnam & Cambodia:

• Rehabilitating rescued women and children from slavery
• Micro Enterprise
• Camps for Children & Youth


• Building an Orphange for children (Orissa)
• Providing day care activities for slum children (Mumbai)


• Providing educational support to students from poor families
• Support in disaster relief in the region


• Help with repairs to children’s home and holding children’s parties for them


• Supporting orphanage and schooling for poor children in West Kalimantan
• Rebuilding efforts after the tsunami in Aceh


• Rehabilitation of lives eg half way homes
• Through YWCA and TNCM social efforts


Affiliate Companies

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