Company Philosophy

Rutledge is head quartered in Singapore. The company has taken advantage of Singapore’s history as a trading hub, its connectivity and quality business environment to build itself a name in the industry. Rutledge is contributing to this economy by providing employment. It considers it an honor to be able to pay taxes here.

Entrenched in Rutledge’s belief is the necessity to uplift humanity along with our corporate growth. It participates in projects that improve society and where possible, in the nations where we do business.

Our Vision

To be the Preferred Safety Provider to the oil and gas industry. We will do this by strategically innovating and continually improving to remain relevant to our customers.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with quality products and services, and to consistently excel in servicing them
To provide technological solutions for health, safety, environment and security
To achieve a world class status and to maintain an unblemished safety record

Our Values

Our Values capture the essence of how as a Company and as an individual we perform and deliver our services.

• To operate with care for health and safety of all in the course of our work
• To be honest and exercise integrity at all times
• To excel and deliver the highest standard of service
• To be professional in all our dealings with all stakeholders
• To uphold the Company’s reputation and promote its interests at all times
• To maintain confidentiality over all information acquired in the course of work

Our Ethics

We believe in doing business with principles. We will turn away from business dealings that are unethical or that violate the law and demand transparency in the commercial dealings for the company.

We grow our business with:

• Quality Clients
• An outstanding reputation in the marketplace
• Friendship and solid relationships with clients

Rutledge Omni Services Pte Ltd is a signatory to Singapore Mediation Charter. SMC

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