IADC-Certified ‘HSE Rig Pass’, contact time: 7-hours

IADC HSE Rig Pass is designed to provide new employees with a basic orientation of rig operations and safe work practices to improve the safety performance of the Service Contractor and the E & P Operator and to assist both in satisfying federal, state and industry regulations and recommended practices.

 Course Outline Provide the participant the additional knowledge, skills, and appropriate attitudes to enable identification and management of their safety while working in the petroleum drilling and production industry.
Course Duration One Day (approximately 7hours 20minutes)
Elements This course is divided into 12 elements. The first 10 are the introductory elements for all personnel. The last two are for an offshore endorsement.


Element 1           General Safety
Element 2           Personal Protective Equipment
Element 3           Hazard Communication and Hazardous Materials Handling
Element 4           Occupational Health
Element 5           Specialized Work Procedures
Element 6           Fire Safety
Element 7           Materials Handling
Element 8           First Aid
Element 9           Rig/Platform Environment
Element 10         Emergency Response
Element 11         Transportation Offshore
Element 12         Water Safety


Learning Outcome On completion of this course the participant will be able to:•  Recognize the need for personal protective equipment;
•  Identify the basic safety requirements at their local facility;
•  Recognize their responsibility and role in promoting safety;
• Recognize the special safety needs offshore if the offshore endorsement is required
Summary of Content Participant will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of applicable regulations and government agencies, general safety policies applicable to the work site, incident and environmental protection reporting procedures, the service contractor/customer working relationship, and employee’s responsibilities. This course also gives an overview of the risks and the management of those risks in the
petroleum drilling and production industry.
Delivery Delivery will consist of classroom theory, practical exercises, and audio-visual presentation.
Competency The offshore endorsement training also meets the requirements for SafeGulf orientation. Participant completion card will include SafeGulf information and bar code for accessing shore bases.
Completion Card Cards have no expiry date.
Target Population All new employees.
Pre-Requisties None

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